Rainbow Trout Tactics For Spin Fishermen

As a spin fisherman who has been fishing for rainbow trout for more than twenty years all across the United States the one thing that I run into the most often, if fishermen using the exact same outdated tactics that simply aren’t as effective as they could be. Over the years I have learned that adjusting your approach, gear, and tactics when it comes to spin fishing for rainbow trout pays huge dividends in both the number and size of the fish that are caught. Fishing lures

Below, I will outline a couple of tactics for spin fishermen that you may not have heard of, both of which will make you a more successful and well rounded trout fisherman. The bottom line is that spin fishing for trout can (and should in my opinion) involve more than molding some Powerbait around a treble hook or impaling a night crawler onto a single fishing hook in an attempt to catch a rainbow or two.


    1. Drifting Worms – If you are fishing for trout in a river or stream, you need to familiarize yourself with the trout tactic known as drifting worms. It doesn’t make a difference whether live or synthetic worms (such as Berkley trout worms) are being employed, what is important is that the worm is presented in a natural manner. This means that the worm is rigged outstretched the way it would appear naturally. The worm is then allowed to “drift” with the current of the river or stream that you are fishing. With practice you will become proficient at the technique, and once that happens you will see what an effective rainbow trout tactic drifting worms is.


  1. Fishing Artificial Flies – I realize that this might sound crazy, but artificial flies can (and should) be used by spin fishermen when they are fishing for rainbow trout. Artificial flies such as streamers can be “drift fished” with spinning gear and smaller artificial flies can be used effectively by employing something called a casting or fly fishing bubble. As far as rainbow trout tactics are concerned, fishing with artificial flies is something that every spin fisherman should add to his or her arsenal.


The bottom line is that if you are a spin fisherman who enjoys fishing for and catching rainbow trout the aforementioned tactics should be added to your repertoire sooner, rather than later. They will no doubt help you experience more success when fishing for the beautiful species of fish known as rainbow trout

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